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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Legend Of Kolam Putri

Once there were two kingdoms around Gunung or Mount Bintan in the Islands of Riau namely Melayu and Kayangan. Formerly peoples of the two kingdoms lived side-by-side in harmony peacefully, but when Princess Bidasari, the daughter of Sang Dewa the King of Kayangan, came to her age, then a big problem soon emerged. Many Princess of the two kingdoms were eager to marry the very beautiful princess. Accordingly the two kingdoms were put in a hostile condition. In order to avoid war between Melayu and Kayangan, Sang Dewa decided to move the kingdom of Kayangan and build a new palace in a hidden place at the top of Gunung Bintan. A pool filled with clear water was also built to keep golden fish, the favorit pet of Bidasari.
One day, Sang Dewa declared an announcement saying that any prince who could successfully find the whereabouts of Bidasari, her daughter, would marry the beautiful princess of Kayangan. But soon after he announced the competition, Sang Dewa disappeared. Among so many princess who took part in the competition to search Princess Bidasari, there were two princess one was from the Melayu Kingdom and the other from Kayangan who at the same time successfully found Princess Bidasari. The princess was very upset and unable to decide, which of the two princess to be her husband. To solve the problem she told to the two princess to follow her to climb up steep stairs, Bidasari said to the two princess" Neither of you will be my husband/. Now let me dive into the water and be the owner of the pool!" To their astonishment, the two princess witnessed Bidasari plunge herself into the pool and instantly take the form of a very beautiful forbidden fish.
Sang Dewa declared that the pool would be called "Kolam Putri" or "The Princess Pond". From that time on the "Kolam Putri" has produced drinking water for the people of Gunung Bintan and the surroundings.

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